Why do you need blog writing?

Blog content writing is part of content development
for digital marketing purposes. This service has a lot of benefits
for your website and business. You can see some of these benefits below

Why should you hire a blog writing company in Dubai?

Hiring a blog writing company in Dubai has a lot of benefits over hiring a freelancer.
If you want to know what these benefits are,take a look at the below list to find out

We will manage blog writing for you

: With outsourcing your content creation to us, you will allow us to not only write the blog articles for you, but also manage the content creation. If you hire a freelancer to do this, you will have to manage the contents by yourself. If you don’t know how to manage, you will need to hire another person to do it for you.

You will pay for what you get

Hiring a blog writing agency also removes a part of your expenses. This is because you will only pay for what you actually get. When you hire a freelancer, you have to pay them monthly regardless of what they provide you with. In the other situation, you will also have to search for new articles for them to write for you.

We reduce the risks of losing money to ZERO

As we offer money-back guarantee on all of our services, the risk of losing money is ZERO for you. In the case our blog writing services are not functional and useful for your website, we will return the money.

Years of experience and proven quality

We have years of experience writing for different websites and topics. Thus, we are the ones who can do the task best. This is because our experience guarantees the quality of our services as well!

What kinds of blog posts can we write in Maral Marketing Agency?

As we have worked with many websites, we are specialized in different topics of blog writing. However, some of topics have been listed below:
✓ Blog writing for real estate in Dubai
✓ Backlink blog writing
✓ Blog writing for educational websites
✓ Guest blog writing service in Dubai
✓ Blog writing for SEO
✓ E-commerce blog writing
✓ Academic blog writing
✓ Financial blog writing
✓ Fitness blog writing
✓ Beauty blog writing
✓ B2B blog writing

What features do we consider for writing blog posts?

In order to deliver high-quality content to you, we consider special features
in writing blog posts. You can see some features of our blog writing services below:

Money-back guarantee

On-time delivery

Special attention to details

Experience with famous websites

ROI focused strategies

SEO-optimized content

NO grammar or dictation errors

Offering research-based and scientific copy

Detailed monthly reports


Why Maral Marketing?

Maral Marketing Agency is the choice of those business owners and managers who wish to go beyond normal and seek something unique. This is because uniqueness and creativity are the core of our blog writing services in Dubai. Our previous experience with famous websites of the UAE also prove the fact. Below, you can see everything that distinguish us from others in the field:

How much is the price for blog writing services in Dubai?

You should know that there isn’t any specific price for blog writing services in Dubai. Poorly written articles may cost you something between AED 20 to AED 100. However, writing blogs with all the required features by Maral Marketing Agency will cost you at least AED 200 per page. The price will increase if more time and research is required.

Frequently asked questions about Blog Writing

Blog writing is a necessary thing to do if you own a website in the UAE. Blogs are the most effective tools to boost your website using keywords in your industry. It helps your website be seen, generate leads, and ultimately, increase the revenue of your company.

How long would it take for a blog post to be ready?

The time to write any piece of blog post is different for each website. It actually depends on your industry, the competition level and many other factors. After talking to you, we will be able to tell you how long it will take. But the time required to write a blog post will not usually exceed 48 hours.

How much is the price per piece of content?

The starting price for our blog writing services in Dubai is AED 200. However, it may increase if more time or research is needed.

Is there any guarantee in the case the content is not good?

Blog posts written by Maral Marketing Agency have never been of poor quality. However, we offer the money-back guarantee in the case our services don’t satisfy you!

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