Why does your business need copywriting?

A great copy which is written in a proper way can bring a lot of benefits for your business. No matter what industry you are working in, an excellent copy adds enormous value to your company. Here’s a list of what you will enjoy after using our copywriting services:

Your website will be boosted and seen

A well-written copy has an important role in boosting your website. This is because it is a unique kind of content writing that puts your website on top. It does this by using keywords and other digital marketing tools.

You will enjoy dream income

At the end, the main goal of each business is increasing revenue. This is the main goal of copywriting as well. It is a powerful tool to do marketing and sales together, and enjoy the income amount you’ve always imagined!

An excellent copy closes the deal for you

A copy that is written based on psychology of marketing and sales has also the power to close the deal. It will close the deal even before the customers talk to you. With a nice copy, almost a large proportion of your leads will be real customers that are willing to buy your products or use your services!

Your business will grow and thrive

A great copy brings you more sales. So, it will accelerate your growth as well. You can simply use the income you earn as a tool to make your company bigger and more progressive. You can also use the money to attract more customers through other marketing tools.

You will attract 1000+ customers with 1 copy

The copy makes your website appear on the first page of Google. So, you have the chance to expose your business to a huge number of audiences. We write the copy only once, and you pay for one piece of content only. But, that piece of content has the power to bring you a large number of customers or clients.

What types of copywriting are we specialized in?

We do offer unique English copywriting services in a wide array of industries. Below, there’s a list of industries we are specialized in:

What exactly is copywriting?

Copywriting is the art of closing a deal with written words. It is a special kind of content writing for website which is scientific and is used for marketing purposes. The importance and value of content writing comes from the fact that it does multiple things in the same time:
1. It boosts your websites to rank high
2. It increases visibility of your website and brand
3. It generates leads and increases revenue

What is the process of copywriting with Maral Marketing?

The main purpose of our copywriting services in Dubai is to make the local businesses grow, thrive, and generate revenue. So, we are committed to provide you with a high-quality copy that boosts your websites, market for your product and sells them to your customers. This is the reason why we have designed a special process to prepare the copy in the most efficient way. Here’s the process of ordering copywriting to us:

1. Meeting with you

Having a meeting with you is the very first step of advertising with Maral Marketing. The purpose of this meeting is to gain full knowledge about your business. Then, we combine your knowledge with our expertise in copywriting to do the advertising in the most effective way.

2. Doing research

At this level, we do some research about your industry, and analyze your competitors. This is to find new ideas about how we can get better than them!

3. Determining the price

As the price of copywriting is different for each industry, we can determine the price at this stage. If you accept the price, we will go to the next levels.

4. Designing strategy

Wining the competition is not possible without having a strategy. So, at this level, we design a strategy to overcome your competitors.

5. Writing copy

After all this, we will write the copy for your website to start the process of attracting customers and selling to them.

6. Proofreading

A great copy is the one without any grammar or dictation errors. So, at this level, we make sure that the copy is perfect in terms of grammar and everything else

7. Optimization

The optimization level is to make sure that the copy is SEO-optimized as well!

8. Delivering

Now it’s time for delivery. If everything about the copy is ok, we deliver the copy to you to upload to your website.

What are examples of copywriting?

Copywriting is a smart tool to do marketing and closing together. A great copy is actually the one that not only makes the customers contact you, but also closes the deal before that. So, the role of copywriting is clear now. It is a scientific text for your website that describes your products or services in a way to attract customers and sell to them. Here are some examples by category:

01. Copywriting for website

02.Email copywriting services

03.Social media copywriting

04.Brochure content writing

05.Copywriting for product description

Money-back guarantee

On-time delivery

Special attention to details

Experience with famous websites

ROI focused strategies

SEO-optimized content

NO grammar or dictation errors

Offering research-based and scientific copy

Detailed monthly reports

Affordable prices

Why Maral Marketing?

We, at Maral Marketing Agency, are committed to provide you with copywriting services in Dubai to make your business on top. Our excellence is the result of consistent education of the team, years of experience and working with famous websites. In addition, there are many factors that distinguish us among other content marketing agencies in the UAE. Here, you can see some of them

Frequently asked questions on copywriting in Dubai

Copywriting is the integral part of digital marketing and any online business. Without copywriting you won’t be able to attract customers. Thus, selling your products or services will be almost impossible without a great advertisement. This is simply because copywriting is the only way to do marketing and closing together.

How long would it take to receive each copy for my website?

The time that is required to write a persuasive copy is different for each website and business. It actually depends on how many pieces of copy your website needs, how competitive your business is and many more factors. After having a meeting with you, we will be able to give you the time required to write your website’s copy in an effective way.

How much is the price for each copy?

As earlier said, the price of copywriting services is not fixed. So, we need to check your website, do research about your business and analyze your competitors to determine the prices. However, the starting price for our copywriting services is AED 300.

What happens if the copy is not effective for my website?

Although we believe in the services we provide, in the case the copy is not useful for your website, we will give you the money back. This is to reduce risk levels to 0%!

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