What are content writing services

Your website needs different types of content in order to rank high, be seen and generate money. Every type of content has a specific goal. The type of writing is also different for each category. But content writing services in Dubai include

SEO-friendly content writing for web pages

Copywriting for product description

Email writing for email marketing purposes

Blog writing services

Advertisement content writing

Guest post writing for backlink building purposes

Brochure content writing

Article Writing Services

Why do you need SEO content writing in Dubai?

Writing SEO-optimized content for your website brings you a lot of incredible benefits. This is because it adds enormous value to your website. Some of the amazing benefits that our content writing services in Dubai will bring you are listed below

Why should you hire a content marketing agency in Dubai

As a business owner who wants to outsource content creation, you might ask “Is it better to outsource to a freelancer or a content writing agency?”. In this paragraph, you will get your answer and make sure that hiring a content marketing agency is a better decision. Here are the reasons why

You won’t need to manage content by yourself

Managing your website content requires special knowledge about content creation, SEO and many more factors. If you don’t have the knowledge, hiring a freelance content writer will be just a waste of time and money. This is because you will have to hire someone else also as a manager to do that. This means you will have to pay to 2 persons. This is while outsourcing content writing to an agency will cut those expenses, increase quality and generate more revenue!

You won’t pay for content when you don’t need

When you hire an in-house content writer, you have to pay to them even when there’s no content to write. This is while when you hire a content writing agency, you just pay for something you really get.

Hiring a content writing company in Dubai is less risky

The risk of losing money is at its lowest when you outsource to a content marketing company. Freelancers will get the money anyways, but Maral Marketing company offers money-back guarantee in the case the content doesn’t work for you. It will reduce the risk to 0%.

Years of experience and proven quality

Most of freelance content writers enter the market without any knowledge or experience. But about content writing agencies, you can be sure about quality, knowledge and experience. This is simply because agencies like Maral Marketing have years of experience working with many websites. So, you won’t have to fail many times to learn what to do!

We have expert content writers for any industry

Every content writer is specialized in one business field only. For example, a real estate content writer may not be able to write a content in healthcare. We, at Maral Marketing, have a huge pool of content writers. Your project will be assigned to the content writer that has the expertise in your field and can do it best!

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All kinds of content development
services we are specialized

How much is the price for content writing services in Dubai?

When it comes to cost of content writing services in Dubai, it is difficult to give you a specific number. The price to write content in Dubai is different for each website and each industry. After having a meeting with you and knowing about your business, we will give you the exact price. But our starting price for marketing content creation is AED 200 per page.

Frequently Asked questions About SEO Content Writing

Content writing plays the most important role in digital marketing. A well-written and effective content not only makes your website seen in the Google results, but also will encourage your customers to contact you for purchasing your product or using your services.

How long does it take to write each piece of content for my website?

The time to write any piece of content is different for each website and each industry. This is because some meetings and researches are required before writing the content. But the least time needed to do this is 48 hours.

How much is the price per piece of content?

As earlier said, the price per piece of content is different for each business and website. But the starting price for our content creation services is AED 200.

Is there any guarantee in the case the content is not effective for our website?

Using our content writing services has the lowest level of risk as we offer money-back guarantee in the case the content does not work for you.

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