What is SEO content?

Improve your site statistics with SEO content writing

One of the important parts of internal SEO is having SEO content on the site. In short, SEO content means producing and optimizing content that has the potential to rank high in search engines and can get a lot of traffic from search results. Just as wheels do not work without engines, content without SEO does not work in digital marketing. And just like a car without wheels, it’s a flashy car that doesn’t do any good. In this article, we will review the important tips for SEO content writing.

What is SEO content?

Before going to SEO content writing, it is better to get acquainted with the concept of SEO content and to know why this method is used to create content. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of website optimization with the aim that our website has the most presence in search engine results. The SEO process has steps that can generally be divided into three parts: internal SEO, technical SEO, and external SEO. SEO content is a subset of internal SEO.

Internal SEO starts with optimizing the page title and H1 heading and then extends to the end of the content. Our goal in creating SEO content is to write content that complies with SEO principles and is well understood by search engines. At the same time, this content can give the right answer to the user’s needs and keep them satisfied.

Types of SEO content writing methods

SEO content can be of different types. Because on a website, content is created for different uses. In general, SEO content writing can be categorized into three groups. The first category of blog posts, which are the most common type of SEO content. This type of content can include news, education, etc. and there is no limit in this field.

Another type of SEO content is content written for static website pages, such as “About Us” pages. Category pages or product descriptions are also considered as other types of SEO content that are widely used in online sales sites. Finally, we have the landing pages, which are the pages that the user faces as soon as he enters the site.

Important tips for writing SEO content

Apart from any format that the content can have, there are guidelines that must be followed to create SEO content on the website to ensure that it is optimal. In the following, we introduce and explain these guidelines for writing SEO content.

Choose the right keyword

The first step to start SEO content writing is to choose targeted keywords. Researching keywords requires sufficient knowledge and expertise in the relevant work field to understand which keywords can help the site’s SEO. Of course, there are also special tools and techniques that webmasters can use to conduct keyword research in any field.

Choose the right keyword

For example, you can use a tool like Google Trends to compare several keywords and their search rate by visitors. Google Trends helps to choose the best among several words. But how can you find these words so that you can use Google Trends to compare them? Sites like MOZ, which are active in the field of digital marketing, have found a solution to this problem.

Using Moz Keyword Explorer, you can easily find keywords on any topic. Keywordtool.io is another very powerful tool for keyword research. Google search engine and its suggested phrases as well as Lsi in Google search results are other keywords used in SEO content writing.

Title tag optimization

The title tag can be considered one of the most important tags in SEO or content optimization. The title of each content should be an abstract and an extract of the entire text, that is, there should be a special semantic connection between the title and the text.

It is not possible to produce a title about the benefits of a product but address its disadvantages in the content. Of course, it is not a problem to mention the disadvantages in a few lines, but if the title refers to the benefits of a product, the content structure should also be a concept of the benefits of the product in question. The title should not have more than 60 characters, because only 60 characters are displayed in Google search results. The main keyword must be used in the title of the content. It is better to include the main keyword at the beginning of the title.

Use LSI keywords in your content

LSI keywords play a very important role in SEO content writing. Because by checking LSI keywords, Google tries to understand your main keyword and uses the results of its review in ranking sites. But the important question here is how to choose the right LSI keywords for your SEO content. The easiest way to do this is to search for the desired keyword and pay attention to the phrase that is displayed in the related searches section of the search results. Another way to find out LSI keywords is to use tools like LSI Graph. This tool suggests LSI keywords that you can use in the content text.

Write long content

Write long content

Many studies show that long content performs better in search results and social networks. Although the truth of this issue is quite clear, you should not write meaningless and spam texts and forget their quality just for the sake of writing long content. Quality of content always takes precedence over quantity. If your content has the ability to attract more shares and likes, it can certainly rank better in search results, even if there is much longer content on other sites.

Use internal and external links

One of the other parts of SEO content is internal linking. Be sure to give links to other related pages in the content of your site so that users can find more information on similar topics. Also, with this work, search engines will monitor and index your site more. In addition to linking to the content inside the site, it is better to link to other quality content outside the site as well. This can increase your traffic. Also, external linking shows the high quality of your SEO content for Google.

Use images, video, and audio

The more interactive the content can be, the higher the success in CTR and thus the SEO of the site. In order to increase the interaction of the user with the content, images, video, and sound can be included in the content. Images should be of appropriate quality and size. It is also necessary to write ALT descriptions for images so that Google can understand the subject of the images more easily. It can be said that the use of images and videos is one of the key points in SEO content writing.

SEO content writing is the key to your success

SEO content writing is the key to your success

Some people think that only producing high-quality content is enough to increase site traffic. But writing SEO content is also very important. Due to the high complexity of SEO content writing, it is better to pay attention to the points mentioned in this article so that your content has the necessary qualifications and can increase your website traffic.


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